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2016 Participants Gallery

Thousands of patrons, both local residents and tourists visit the Craft Shows each year. All enjoy interacting with the artists who are required to represent their work personally. Click on the artist's names below to view samples of their work.

Name Media Website Show(s)
Richard Aerni Ceramic Website August Show
Eric Arcese Wood Both Shows
Deborah Armstrong Jewelry Website Both Shows
Karis Barry Ceramic Website Both Shows
Jane Bartlett Fiber Website Both Shows
Barbara Bayne Jewelry Website August Show
Michele Berman Jewelry Website Both Shows
Bonnie Beyer Jewelry Website Both Shows
Jens Bisgaard Jewelry Both Shows
Marvin Bjurlin Ceramic Website Both Shows
Klara Borbas Jewelry Website July Show
Lise Bouvet Jewelry Website July Show
Leslie Bowman-friedlander Fiber Website Both Shows
Stephanie Brash Ceramic Website Both Shows
Stephen Breinager Metal August Show
Evelyn Brumwell Fiber Website Both Shows
David Bryce Ceramic Website Both Shows
Tony & June Burns Wood Website July Show
Paul Carlino Wood Website August Show
Seth Carlson Jewelry Website Both Shows
Sarachana Chase Jewelry Website July Show
Shelle Chentow Ceramic July Show
Margaret Cherre Fiber Website July Show
Cynthia Chuang Jewelry Website Both Shows
Kenneth Conner Jewelry Both Shows
Julie Crosby Ceramic Website August Show
Teresa Crowninshield Fiber Website Both Shows
Kim Cutler Ceramic Website July Show
Geraldo De-souza Fiber Website July Show
Eileen Delduca Metal Website July Show
Carolyn Dilcher-stutz Ceramic Website August Show
Dianna J Dinka Jewelry Website August Show
Audrey Dowling Ceramic Website Both Shows
Mike Duflo Wood Website Both Shows
Timothy Dunn Metal Website August Show
Rona Fisher Jewelry Website July Show
Collette Fortin Glass Website August Show
Jane Frenke Fiber Website July Show
Russell Fullone Wood Website Both Shows
Jorge Gill Leather Both Shows
Marie Gniazdowski Jewelry Website Both Shows
Judy Goskey Jewelry Website August Show
Michael Gotthelf Wood Website July Show
Robin Gower Jewelry Website August Show
Hannah Graeper Ceramic Website Both Shows
Robert Graves Ceramic Website July Show
Katherine Gullo Ceramic Website August Show
Carmella Gullo Mixed Media Website August Show
Sharon Hanse Mixed Media Website July Show
David Haun Metal Website August Show
Leni Hoch Fiber Both Shows
David Hughes Wood July Show
Rebecca Jones Mixed Media Website Both Shows
Wiwat Kamolpornwijit Jewelry Website August Show
Deb Kracht Mixed Media Website August Show
Aileen Lampman Jewelry Website August Show
Michele Levett Jewelry Website August Show
Susan Levi-goerlich Fiber Website July Show
Susan Lichtenthal Jewelry Both Shows
Meg Little Fiber Website Both Shows
Toni Mann Ceramic July Show
Jessie Marianacci Valone Ceramic Website July Show
Diane Marksz-wright Jewelry Website July Show
Don Mccoy Jewelry Website Both Shows
Bj Mchugh Fiber Website July Show
Justin Mckenney Ceramic Website August Show
Amy Meltzer Fiber Website August Show
Kirk Miller Glass Website August Show
Claudia Mills Fiber Website Both Shows
Fumihiko Mochizuki Ceramic July Show
David Montgomery Mixed Media Website July Show
Brian Newton Wood Website Both Shows
Rebecca Noble-morales Fiber August Show
Cynthia Norton Fiber Website Both Shows
Cheryl And Don Olney Wood Website Both Shows
Donald Partch Jewelry Both Shows
William Peck Wood Website August Show
Mary Philpott Ceramic Website August Show
Susan Pillay Fiber Website July Show
Dahlia Popovits Fiber Website Both Shows
Kim Potter Fiber Website Both Shows
Tatiana Rakhmanina Fiber Website Both Shows
Adriana Rangel Fiber Website July Show
J.j. Reichert Fiber Website July Show
Pat Reno Ceramic Website Both Shows
Diane Richards Fiber Website August Show
Jill Rouke Fiber Website August Show
Barbara Rubright Fiber Website August Show
Shekina Rudoy Fiber Website July Show
Rc Sanford Mixed Media Website August Show
Sondra Sardis Fiber July Show
Joyce Slate Jewelry Website Both Shows
Scott Sober Wood Website August Show
Ivy Solomon Jewelry Website Both Shows
Pat Sorbini Mixed Media Website Both Shows
Betty Stephan Jewelry Website Both Shows
John Sterling Wood Website August Show
Miriam Stewart-murrell Fiber August Show
Molly Strader Jewelry Website August Show
Kate Strong Fiber Website July Show
Lisa Svedberg Jewelry Website July Show
Kate Symonds Ceramic Website July Show
Mona&alex Szabados Jewelry Website July Show
Valerie Thomas Jewelry Website Both Shows
Barbara Umbel Jewelry Website August Show
Marsha Van Vlack Ceramic Website Both Shows
Shauna Watkins Glass Website Both Shows
Susan Wechsler Ceramic Website July Show
Frank Westfall Leather August Show
Craig Wilson Metal August Show
Susan Wise Fiber Website August Show
Fran Zaborowski Fiber July Show
David Zaborowski Wood Both Shows
Bernard Zalon Mixed Media Website July Show